Spindiggity? Yes, Spindiggity

customer loyaltyWelcome to Spindiggity.com, a service proudly provided to you by Webcentric Communications. A simple listing to provide SEO opportunities and inter-client networking for your professional or personal use. This opportunity allows your website to have backlinks and advertisement on the internet and promotes your brick and mortar store as well. The best way to explain it is that if you area a client partner of WC, you will be listed on our Spindiggity website.

How Spindiggity Works

There are 2 very basic reasons Spindiggity has been built and launched. Search engine optimization & Client networking.

Search Engine Optimization

Each listing will provide additional search engine results for your already existing, on line website as well as your brick and mortar store. Each listing is key-worded and optimized with relevant information from your website which will help populate the search engines returned results. Inbound links (IBL's) will help search engines find you. visit this link for more info.

Client Networking

The site is also built as a network to existing clients to use as a professional or personal resource for services they may need for their business or home. Webcentric Communications recommends each of these businesses based on their professional service that each supplies. Each of these businesses are now part of your network.

Visit the Spindiggity website, follow this link.